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Happy New Year!

2016 looks to be a very exciting year for the Summit County Master Gardeners!

Design and Beyond, Let’s Get Growing, and the  Saturday Gardening Series have excellent line-ups of speakers. The Tour of Gardens will be an inspiration to all that attend.  While not open to the general public, Summit County will host the Annual State Master Gardener Conference in September where we hope to welcome 300+ Master Gardeners.

It will be a busy year!  One thing that I really appreciate is that gardeners are life-long learners.  We’ll have a lot of opportunities to sharpen our skills.  Every year is different will new gardening opportunites and challenges.

With all that is going on,  I needed to take a moment to set some of my own gardening goals for 2016.  My goals this year are to:

1)  Grow artichokes-I have grown a vary array of vegetable crops in my life, but never artichokes.

2)  Enjoy my garden a little more-In 2015, it seemed that there was never enough time to get it all done.

3)  Control the perennial weeds on my farm-I always seem to miss the best window for managing these challenges.

What are your gardening goals for 2016!


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