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Home Food Production Group

Food Production Study Continues as the Vegetable Gardening Practicum

BACKGROUND The Vegetable Gardening Practicum is a pilot advanced training project which plans to share expertise between experienced Master Gardeners…so some teach and share what they know and others learn. The end result will be a pool of educator Master Gardeners who can take the lessons learned into the community.

The program will follow established and recommended practices of University Extension research. New knowledge and practices are constantly improving gardening, horticultural practices. Topics to be covered will be: pruning, vegetable garden composition, composting, food preservation, pests, beekeeping, chicken raising, and other garden-related topics. Website posts on the Master Gardener Website will share ideas, techniques, down loadable forms, clickable links, and other information to visitors to our website.).


Helpful Links


Dr. Sally Miller’s lab and observation garden at OARDC has been a vital resource. Here is some information on insects to share. To help you in your garden and to see a variety of diagnostic posters and fact sheets, go to: http://oardc.osu.edu/sallymiller/Extension%20Outreach/factsheets.htm

Do you have some sick or insect infested plants? Go to these sites for information: Seed treatment: osu fact sheet-3085

Got a sick plant? Diagnosing sick plants

Tomato Comparison Study (Grafted/Not Grafted: 6.25.12 Comparison Planting of Tomato Varieties provided by OARDC

BEEKEEPING AND POLLINATORS – go to: http://www.xerces.org/pollinator-resource-center


What to do with corn: FRESH CORN SALAD

What to do with cucumbers: CRISP PICKLE SLICES

What to do with Blueberries: Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce


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